Mainz, April 3, 2018


Best Relationships: 2HM and forum! grow together

Fantastic news: 2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING has merged with forum! For best Relationships, an equally successful market research and consulting company also based in Mainz.

“It is a nice connection among equal and former companions. As 2HMforum. For best Relationships., we are eager to continuously grow together and drive forward the success of our customers: through our expertise in the areas of emotional customer and employee loyalty, customer centricity, customer journey, positioning and, of course, market research.”, says Managing Director Leif Steinbrinker.

The value for our clients: We have expanded our competence and our strength and from now on we stand by your side as an even better positioned, future-oriented market research and consulting company. With more than 50 employees at 2HMforum., an additional 150 employees at our interview center TeleMatrix and the excellent agency for Digital Marketing and Tech-Solutions 2HM Business Services as a partner, we will work with even greater “power and impact” in the future.

“2HMforum. For best Relationships. is managed by Roman Becker, Frank Meyrahn and Leif Steinbrinker – the former managing partners of both companies.

2HMforum. Team

Speaking of managing directors, did you know that around 80 percent of top German managers see Customer Centricity as a success driver for the future? Rightly so! Because from several 100,000 interviews in the past few years, we know that a company’s success depends, as evident, on emotional customer loyalty.

We, the inventors of the Fan-Principle and successful Fan-Makers for more than 20 years, look forward to supporting B2B and B2C companies, nationally and internationally, even better in the future!

Do You Have Questions? We look forward to talking to you.

Your contact person for this article at 2HMforum.:
Leif Steinbrinker
Mobile: +49 172 5981999