Best Relationships: 2HM and forum! are growing together

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2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING has merged with forum! For Best Relations, an equally successful market research and consulting company also based in Mainz.

“It is a nice connection among equal and former companions. As 2HMforum. For Best Relationships., we are eager to continuously grow together and drive forward the success of our customers: through our expertise in the areas of emotional customer and employee loyalty, customer centricity, customer journey, positioning and, of course, market research.”, says Managing Director Leif Steinbrinker.

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Consistent customer orientation increases company success

Successful operation in increasingly saturated markets. Showing your profile despite exchangeable products. Ensuring margins during downward trends in the price spiral. The pressure on companies is growing – not only in B2C – it is also increasing very strongly in the world of B2B business.

In order to remain on a growth course in a complex environment, a consistent and holistic customer orientation is an important factor for success. Numerous national and international studies prove that there is a direct connection between customer orientation and the success of a company – and correspondingly, between insufficient customer orientation and a lack of success. More and more, customer centricity is becoming a differentiating aspect of successful market cultivation.

Customer centricity enables
a company success increase


This driver of growth is closely linked to IT + Digital Solutions as a basis for efficient processes and the correct management decisions. This is also the reason why 69 % of all Top Managers in Germany think customer centricity is a management topic.

Customer Centricity as
driving force for companies

By focusing on customer centricity, the entire value chain of a company is oriented towards the customer. Today, customer attitudes, expectations and requirements form the basis for the product portfolio, the service world, pricing and the positioning of a brand. Furthermore, they are the basis for marketing, sales and after-sales processes.

The demand of putting the customer in the center of a company’s entrepreneurial thinking and operation is often the opposite of what is really happening in the entrepreneurial world.

A clear understanding of customer demands and employees who think and act in a customer-oriented manner are important prerequisites.

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Customer preferences and expectations are the core of every customer-centric strategy. Therefore, the first step is to listen to the customers attentively. A great deal of experience regarding the interaction between company and customer  is required, as well as intelligent market research.

2HMforum. uses state-of-the-art methods and also actively develops analysis tools for qualitative and quantitative market research. Wherever useful, we also provide additional insight through the combination of results from customer surveys with analyses based on existing customer and market data from data bases and CRM systems or with Web/Social Media generated insights. In this way, we equip our customers with qualified access to the status and the demands of their target groups.


2HMforum. is one of the pioneers of customer centricity consulting. We convert entrepreneurial issues into concepts and analyze the status quo, and use this to develop a roadmap in order to kick-off  the necessary change towards a consistently customer-centric company.

In this process, we do not only focus on the customer per se, but also take the internal processes and data infrastructure of our client into consideration. Where necessary, we also take over the project management for customer centricity projects within your company entirely, or we develop new customer-oriented business models and business fields together with you.

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