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2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING is an internationally active market research and consulting company. For about 20 years, we have been guiding renowned, innovative small and medium-sized companies and numerous multinational enterprises on the road to more consistent customer orientation and thereby, to demonstrably higher levels of success.

Our employees work on the basis of empirical methods and consulting approaches, in order to reduce the risks regarding decision-making during the optimization towards a stronger customer orientation. They strive for partnerships on an equal footing with our clients and personal communication. Fact is: anyone who recommends quality, service and customer orientation, should lead the way by example.

2HM & Associates GmbH – The Story

About the company

2HM & Associates emerged from the idea of guiding small and medium-sized and international companies on the road to more consistent customer orientation and therefore to greater success, through tailor-made consulting services. Since then, 2HM has been advising clients under the heading “customer centricity”, on how to orient their products, services, organization and infrastructure consistently towards customer orientation. 2HM’s story began in Mannheim in the mid-nineties:


“Customer centricity” – Insights from the time in Mannheim.

The founders of 2HM, Andreas Herrmann, Frank Huber and Frank Meyrahn, learned to know one another at the University of Mannheim – which both then and now, counts as one of the top institutions for Business Administration Studies. The three young men, with the initials “H(errmann)”, “H(uber)”, “M(eyrahn)”, quickly recognized their mutual passion for all issues related to marketing. During a night shift at the Marketing School, in early 1999, “HHM” were once again working together on a research project for a well-known company. They realized that the company (wrongly) believed that it was still operating in a sellers’ market. This was no surprise. Many of the University’s other clients at that time behaved in exactly the same way as this company.

At that moment, the vision of the three young men became clear: They wanted to advise companies regarding the transformation towards achieving more consistent customer orientation. That evening the idea of “2HM” was born to “HHM” – a consulting company, which, with its customer centric consulting approach, would help small and medium-sized companies and organizations towards achieving greater market success amidst the increasingly growing competitiveness.


Bundled skills and rolled up sleeves!

The combination of Andreas Herrmann and Frank Huber’s methodic excellence and Frank Meyrahn’s IT and software skills was successful from the beginning. Consistent customer orientation and the set of innovative methods, such as the first online Conjoint or the first Delphi study in Germany already succeeded in inspiring clients such as the Deutsche Bahn (German Rail), RWE and Siemens in the founding year. 2HM’s willingness to give others detailed insight into their consulting approach, in the form of many publications, has certainly also contributed to their fast-growing popularity. One of the highlights in this regard was definitely the book “Kundenorientierte Produktgestaltung” (Customer-oriented Product Development), which was published in collaboration with some of 2HM’s clients in the first hour of the year 2000.


Growth is not a coincidence!

Even today, the customer centric approach inspires the mutual spirit of the 2HM team and our cooperation with clients. 2HM has consistently strengthened its ranks with experienced employees. Therefore, it is no coincidence that two former clients, Leif Steinbrinker and Christian Walka, now work for 2HM as active partners. They and other colleagues have brought additional industry expertise into the company.

The growth of our team to over 40 market researchers and consultants with industry expertise provides further proof of our successful work. Our commitment to a holistic customer centric approach ultimately led to the establishment of our own interview center (TeleMatrix), with 150 employees. There, high-quality data is captured from national and international customer surveys. Furthermore, 2HM receives support in the implementation of operative CRM projects from the communications agency 2HM Business Services, which was founded in 2008. Together with TeleMatrix, the three companies make up the 2HM Group.


Customer centricity today.

The value of the customer centric approach is clearly illustrated by the impressive careers of cofounders Andreas Herrmann and Frank Huber. Today, they are two of the most renowned marketing professors in Germany, and even now they still adhere to the principle of consistent customer orientation in both teaching and research. Thanks to their passion for the customer centric approach, they work constantly towards further developing the concept, which particularly has been characterized by the heading “digitalization” in recent years.

Fifteen years after the publication of the book, “Kundenorientierte Produktgestaltung”, Andreas Herrmann, who is a member of the Advisory Board of 2HM & Associates today, published, “Erfolg im digitalen Zeitalter” (Success in the Digital Era), a standard reference work on the subject of customer centricity. In his book, he presents digitalization not so much as a challenge or a stumbling block, but rather as an opportunity to realize customer centricity in its entirety. The exchange of positive customer experiences, against the background of the overall business activities, has never been this easy and complete. This makes it even more important for us at 2HM to make this potential available, with the aim of enabling our clients to achieve increased customer loyalty and raised profits.


Digital transformation also requires a change in corporate culture.

Besides the structuring of your service offer and customer experiences at the customer touchpoints, we also concern ourselves with the influence of corporate culture on the success of a company. Our understanding of customer centricity goes far beyond the operative management of contact points in marketing and sales: We see it as a holistic approach, in which the expectations and the requirements of the customers form the starting point for the value chain that needs to be designed or optimized.

Customer centricity begins with the people who make up a company, and therefore, with the corporate culture, the philosophy and the strategy of a company. Securing the cooperation and commitment of the employees, the predefinition of central guidelines and motivational design of change processes are elementary prerequisites for success on the way to achieving more customer centricity within a company. In this process, digital and IT solutions form the decisive basis and represent the “enablers” for a consistent and sustainable implementation of the “more customer centricity” strategy. For this reason, when it comes to digital & IT solutions, 2HM cooperates with reputable partners and specialists. 2HM’s holistic 360° view of customer centricity guarantees sustainable success. To this day, our mission statement applies:

Service Offers + World of Experiences + Corporate Culture + Infrastructure =


„In the digital age, a close interplay between marketing, sales, after-sales and product development is required. Our task is to reconcile customer expectations, employee behavior and infrastructure in such a way that we actively lead our clients to more growth.”

Leif Steinbrinker

Our services

at a glance


Customer preferences and expectations are the core of every customer-centric strategy. Therefore, the first step is to listen to the customers attentively. A great deal of experience regarding the interaction between company and customer  is required, as well as intelligent market research.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING uses state-of-the-art methods and also actively develops analysis tools for qualitative and quantitative market research. Wherever useful, we also provide additional insight through the combination of results from customer surveys with analyses based on existing customer and market data from data bases and CRM systems or with Web/Social Media generated insights. In this way, we equip our customers with qualified access to the status and the demands of their target groups.


2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING is one of the pioneers of customer centricity consulting. We convert entrepreneurial issues into concepts and analyze the status quo, and use this to develop a roadmap in order to kick-off  the necessary change towards a consistently customer-centric company.

In this process, we do not only focus on the customer per se, but also take the internal processes and data infrastructure of our client into consideration. Where necessary, we also take over the project management for customer centricity projects within your company entirely, or we develop new customer-oriented business models and business fields together with you.

How we work

The focus of our thinking and actions are satisfied clients. As an internationally active, innovative consulting company with its own market research institute, we have access to the right methods, strategies and tools for the optimization of customer-related processes and the right solutions for an efficient data infrastructure. We apply these tools appropriately in order to solve individual problems, act pragmatically, take responsibility and are loyal partners to our clients. We are Driving Growth.

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