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In order to ensure a comprehensive service, we work together with a network of efficient partners, who perfectly round off the range of services we offer. We maintain an efficient network for our clients, which consists of network partners ranging from universities, both locally and abroad, to implementation specialists in individual fields of consultancy. Through constant exchange, skills and performance come together perfectly in demanding projects.

Our Networking Partners

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Implementation Network


axenton GmbH

The owner-managed company, axenton GmbH, has been involved in providing efficient, futuristic IT solutions for over 25 years.

As a reliable partner to large and small and medium-sized enterprises, axenton has been developing individual software since it was founded in 1988. As a customer-oriented, flexible software developer, axenton stands for design and implementation of IT solutions that are tailor-made to the requirements of customers from the most varied sectors.

Established structures, very experienced employees in management and more than 50 committed programmers guarantee seamless processes for the best solutions when it comes to complex and unusual issues.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING does not only work with axenton on the development of our own solutions, such as SceneIT, we also work together on client projects, in order to be able to offer infrastructures for digital and IT solutions in the customer centricity environment.


Fraunhofer IOSB

The Fraunhofer IOSB leads the way in terms of the development of solutions from a combination of optronics, system technology and image evaluation. They are in constant, lively dialogue with their partners.

The research and development that leads to the creation of multisensory systems, that assist people to perceive their environment and support their interaction with it, is just one of the central tasks of the Fraunhofer IOSB.
The institute develops software for the planning, management and operation of industrial production processes. It has web technologies for information management in complex data bank systems at its disposal. These include, for example, the capturing of environmental data and energy management, and the intelligent linkage and evaluation thereof. This unique combination makes the IOSB an important contact for issues relating to the subject of Industry 4.0.

The Fraunhofer IOSB is one of the largest institutions within the I&C Association of the Fraunhofer Society. With its four locations in Germany and its branch in Beijing, it is customer-focused and solidly established in four important economical regions.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING cooperates with the Fraunhofer IOSB under the brand name ESI | European Service Institute, above all, in order to promote the industrialization of services alongside the technological aspects of Industry 4.0.


DOOR Deutschland GmbH

DOOR Deutschland GmbH activates the unused potential of employees for better company results.

DOOR Deutschland support its clients, similar to 2hm, in obtaining measurable, verifiable success. In doing so, their main focus is on companies and organizations in the DACH Region. DOOR has set itself the task of improving the performance and effectiveness of individuals, managers, teams and organizations. For this purpose, they employ the world’s most successful concepts for the improvement of corporate culture, management competence and implementation efficiency. The DOOR Group works for multinational corporations in over 55 countries. Thanks to its connection to DOOR, 2hm has access to over 1,000 trainers and coaching experts, and therefore to internationally recognized and demonstrably successful training programs and individually designed training solutions.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING cooperates with DOOR, in order to be in a position to quickly roll out high quality, individually designed training concepts for our clients, both nationally and internationally, which revolve around developing stronger anchoring of customer orientation within companies.

Academic Network


Institute of Customer Insight, University of St. Gallen

The Institute of Customer Insight of the University of St. Gallen stands for top performance in terms of basic and application-oriented research.

The Institute of Customer Insight is one of the leading European Institutions in the field of purchasing and consumer-behavior research. The team is made up of committed researchers who strive to achieve top results in both fundamental and application-oriented research.

The Institute of Customer Insight is oriented towards empirical research into the behavior of individuals in an economic context. The aim of the research is to gain new knowledge in the areas of communication, branding, product design and employee management. The main focus of their work is the development of innovative solution approaches to current market-based issues.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING collaborates intensively with the institute on the latest findings of customer centricity research and various aspects of behavior branding, through our advisory board member and cofounder, Prof. Andreas Herrmann.


School of Business & Economics of the RWTH (Rhine Westphalia Technical University), Aachen

The Professorship for Marketing at the School of Business & Economics of the RWTH Aachen stands for the overcoming of disciplinary boundaries between engineering and natural sciences, in economic and social problem areas.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences of the RWTH has set itself the task of developing innovative, relevant ideas in the interface between economy, industry, society, the natural sciences and technology.

It conducts high-level research with a major focus on interdisciplinarity and new technologies. The research portfolio is a well-balanced mix of fundamental research, which broadens the knowledge base of its subject area, and application-oriented, externally financed research, which concerns itself with the specific problems that companies and non-profit organizations face.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING is a project partner for tasks that the RWTH cannot offer directly, and benefits, in turn, from the wealth of technological experience derived from the research.


EBS University of Economics and Law gGmbH

The Professorship for Buyer Behavior and Sales at the University of Economy and Law considers itself to be a customer-sympathetic organization in the area of B2B.

Based on research projects within the area of behavioral branding, the professorship has recently expanded its research focus to include aspects of sales psychology and sales of innovative products. Their main industrial focus is on the automotive industry. The focus of research today is, above all, customer behavior and sales, marketing communication 3.0, emotional selling, technology/innovation marketing, incl. the development of new business models and the entire thematic area of mobility. Their findings have been published in top international journals such as the Journal of Service Research, the Journal of Advertising Research and the Journal of Economic Psychology.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING is a project partner for international research proposals and externally funded projects and enjoys an intense exchange with the professorship, with regard to the issue of customer behavior.

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