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Andreas Herrmann and Frank Huber are two of the most renowned German professors of marketing. All along, they have adhered to the idea of consistent customer orientation, in both their teaching and their research. Due to their passion for the customer centric approach, they constantly work towards developing it further.


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In the year 2000, when 2HM & Associates was just one year old, two of the founding members, Andreas Herrmann and Frank Huber wrote the book, “Kundenorientierte Produktgestaltung” (“Customer oriented Product Design”), which was very innovative at the time. For several future-oriented companies, comprehensive customer orientation became the basis for the sustainable success of their companies.

Until today however, reality shows that the originally simple idea of customer orientation is plagued by difficult challenges when it comes to implementation: How can the subject of customer centricity be approached strategically? How can products be designed and priced in a customer-oriented way? What does this mean for the company and what infrastructure is required in order for a company to gain a competitive advantage?

15 years later, in time for the 4th Industrial Revolution, Andreas Herrmann, who is a member of 2HM & Associates’ Advisory Board today, published another book in which the subject of customer centricity is viewed from today’s point of view: In this anthology, “Erfolg im digitalen Zeitalter” (“Success in the Digital Era”), he underlines the success of a customer-oriented consulting approach together with economic personalities, including Marc Benioff (CEO saleforce.com), Mathias Döpfner (Chairman of the Executive Board, Axel Springer AG), Heinrich Hiesinger (Chairman of the Executive Board, ThyssenKrupp AG), Siegfried Russwurm (Member of the Executive Board, Siemens AG) and Rupert Stadler (Chairman of the Executive Board, AUDI AG), – the kind of approach that 2HM & Associates offers its clients.

In this regard, our clients are encouraged to view progressive digitalization not as a stumbling block or a challenge, but rather an opportunity to realize customer centricity completely with 2HM’s assistance.

Customer oriented Product Design (German)

Year 2000, 1. Edition

Customer oriented Product Design (German)

This book provides an overview of the systematic transformation of the ‚voice of the customer‘ into the ‚voice of the engineer‘.

Success in the Digital Era (German)

Year 2012, 1. Edition

Success in the Digital Era

Strategies of 17 top managers

Market Research Handbook (German)

Year 2014, 3. Edition

Market Research Handbook (German)

Methods – Applications – Practical Examples

Conjoint Measurement (English)

Year 2007, 4. Edition

Conjoint Measurement – Methods and Applications

The book covers all recent developments in Conjoint Analysis. Leading scientists present theory and applications of this technique.

Handbuch Produktmanagement (German)

Year 2007, 3. Edition

Product Management Handbook (German)

Virtually all providers have to orient their performance towards satisfying the existing and latent wishes of the customer.

Pricing Policy Handbook (German)

Year 2003, 1. Edition

Pricing Policy Handbook (German)

Strategies — Planning — Organization — Implementation

Brand Communities (German)

Year 2006, 1. Edition

Brand Communities (German)

Success Factors and Economic Relevance of Brand Communities.

Behavioral Branding (German)

Year 2012, 3. Edition

Behavioral Branding (German)

How employee behavior strengthens the brand

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