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Customer centricity for more growth, also in your company

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING is an internationally active consulting company. With our 360° approach, we guide our clients holistically on the road to becoming a customer-centric company. In this process, we concentrate on four points: an offer which is differentiating from the customer’s point of view, customer experiences that generate loyalty, employees who think and act in a customer-oriented manner and an infrastructure in which the required data is available and accessible.

We put your company’s customer orientation to the test, keeping your corporate vision in mind. We also demonstrate solutions if classical marketing techniques or CRM programs are no longer effective. Together with you, we create a successful customer journey or an exciting customer experience.

We support you in the change of your company culture towards customer orientation through the development of an individual customer centricity strategy and appropriate staff training. Last, but not least, we create the infrastructural prerequisites for efficient data utilization.

In this way, we provide our clients with confidence in dealing with complex decisions, assist in using investments in a customer-oriented manner and create the framework necessary for more growth – in keeping with our mission statement:

Driving Growth


Customer-Specific Offers

2HM offers analytics and consulting for the optimization and orientation of the spectrum of services offered by companies.

  • Products + Services
  • Pricing + Conditions
  • Brands + Positioning

Customer-Centric Experiences

2HM analyzes and forms the path between the company and the customer – and in reverse, from customer feedback to the corporate world.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Satisfaction + Loyalty Management

Customer-Oriented Corporate Culture

2HM analyzes, organizes and develops companies’ and employees’ ability to focus on customers in their entirety, thereby helping to entrench a culture of customer orientation in the corporate culture in the long term.

  • Culture Analyses
  • Vision + Strategy
  • Organization Development

Smart Infrastructure

2HM offers in-depth analysis know-how, software tools and reporting as well as IT systems, so that data and system infrastructures are made available in order to realize customer-oriented product offers and processes.

  • Smart Data Analyses
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • IT + Digital Solutions