Customer-Centric Experiences

2HM analyzes and forms the relationships between companies and customers of other market players, in order to build up more successful and stable customer relationships.

Customer Relationship

We set up results-oriented entrepreneurial processes for your company, in terms of customer-oriented interests and those of other interested parties -> from A to Z, all along the phases and touchpoints of the customer journey.

  • Sales Management
  • Service Management
  • Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Service Quality Measurement
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Management
  • Customer Segmentation and Typologies
  • Customer Value Management

Customer value is especially high in the B2B world, but it is also very heterogeneous. Therefore, customer value oriented support and a differentiated approach are very important. Secured customer lifecycle data and crucial events for customer relationships during the lifecycle determine the success or failure of a customer value-oriented strategy.

We at 2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING are specialists in the evaluation and optimization of customer relationships and individual touchpoints. Customer segmentation, customer value-based support concepts and differentiated loyalty strategies throughout the phases of the life cycle are the main focus of the 2HM CRM-Team consulting projects.

Customer Experience

We support you in the generation of genuine, sustainable customer enthusiasm from a holistic market experience and through the optimization of individual touchpoints.

  • Lead Management
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Touchpoint Analyses
  • Customer Support Quality (Mystery Approaches, among others)
  • Customer Feedback Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Customer Perception Analysis
  • Customer Value Management

The tracking of information and decision-making behavior from the customer’s perspective reveals the approaches towards genuine customer enthusiasm and sales success, thereby creating the prerequisites for enhancement and emotionalization of the relevant customer contact points and long-term customer loyalty (“fans”).

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING supports its clients in the creation of genuine customer enthusiasm. The analytically-based differentiation, with regard to hygiene, service and enthusiasm factors, is an important basis of all 2HM projects in the optimization and design of inspirational touchpoints and customer journeys.

Satisfaction +
Loyalty Management

We support you in building up a high level of customer satisfaction and genuine loyalty, which will be reflected in the success of your company.

  • Customer Satisfaction Analyses
  • Customer Loyalty Strategies and Concepts
  • NPS Benchmarks and Analyses
  • Emotional Customer Loyalty
  • Identification of Customer Enthusiasm Factors
  • Complaints Management
  • Loyalty Program
  • Support in Continuous Improvement Processes (KIP)

Best customer experiences and genuine customer loyalty can only be achieved through goal-oriented satisfaction monitoring of the touchpoints and “moments of truth”. The derivation of clearly defined fields of action within the framework of a continuous improvement process transforms satisfaction measurement into satisfaction management.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING has many years of experience in monitoring customer satisfaction. We also have several experienced experts who are exclusively specialized in systemic satisfaction and loyalty projects. By means of cooperation agreements and associated professorships, we constantly strive towards improvement and innovative approaches.

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