Customer-Oriented Corporate Culture

2HM analyzes, designs and develops the ability of both the company and its employees to focus on the customer holistically, thereby helping to entrench a long-term culture of customer-orientation in the corporate culture of the company.

Culture Analyses

We measure the status quo and the change in the commitment of your organization as a central factor for success and willingness to change.

  • Employee Satisfaction Analyses
  • Culture Analyses
  • 360 Degree Feedback Analyses
  • Customer Centricity Readiness Checks
  • Management of the Change in Culture
  • Review of the Culture-forming Measures
  • Review of the Goal and Incentive Systems

Customer enthusiasm and loyalty are assured if the corporate culture is also oriented towards it. The path towards customer satisfaction works almost exclusively through employee satisfaction, and customer orientation begins with each and every employee.

Due to extensive entrepreneurial experience, numerous projects and the specialists among us, we at 2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING understand the interaction between customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, culture and management. This enables us to show you where you are currently situated and what specific action needs to be taken.

Vision + Strategy

We help you to develop the fundamentals of the customer-centric orientation of your company, also as a basis for a new business model.

  • Envisioning and formulation of a mission statement
  • Customer-centric Strategy Development
  • Development on Customer-oriented Business Models
  • Development of Roadmaps for the Implementation of Strategies
  • Process-optimization based on Customer Demands
  • Designing of Thinking Processes

The vision and the mission of a company are primary starting points for the development of a strategy. Without clear-cut, customer-based strategy development, which is derived from the goals that are being pursued, effective management of a company’s activities and the development of a new customer-oriented business model are almost impossible to achieve.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING thinks both strategically and in an implementation-oriented manner. After the “Goal Strategy Pyramid” has been clearly defined, we provide support in the definition of measures, which will make a contribution towards the strategies. For this we rely on well-trained facilitators and customer centricity specialists, who bring together the requirements of companies and the perspectives of the customers in order to develop implementable roadmaps that pave the way to customer orientation.

Organizational Development

We support you in the buildup of know-how and continuous improvement of customer interaction in order to increase the customer centricity potential.

  • Sensitization of employees towards important customer demands
  • Improvement of customer-oriented management and corporate culture
  • Activation of customer-oriented behavior
  • Derivation of customer-oriented key figures for management purposes
  • Training of organizational units and “Train the Trainer” concepts
  • Installation of customer feedback programs

In the face of digitalization and situations of increased competition, the demands on a customer-centric organization increase. A holistic change is usually too complex. More often, changes on all levels of a company are more expedients in terms of a positive design for the customer journey or the customer experience.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING knows how to sensitize and activate organizations towards a customer-oriented enterprise. To this end, we do not only rely on important start pulses – we also develop programs for transformation and organizational changes, that are necessary for customer-orientation to be firmly entrenched in the organization. In the case of global training issues, we work together with a network of international partners.

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