Customer-Specific Offers

2HM offers analytics and consulting for the optimization and orientation of the spectrum of services offered by companies.

Products + Services

We optimize your product and service portfolio and support you in your innovation management.

  • Demands Analysis
  • Innovation Management
  • Acceptance Tests
  • Utilization Analysis
  • Satisfaction Management
  • Positioning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Lifecycle Management

Timely evaluation of product and service concepts supports, among other things, the prevention of product flops and steers development investments towards the right features.

Since the company was founded, 2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING has dealt with the customer-based evaluation and design of product and service concepts. The central method for the determination of customer use, the conjoint analysis, was co-developed by 2HM and is since enhanced continuously for our customers.

Pricing + Conditions

We support you in the development of optimum customer and profit-pricing strategies and pricing.

  • Product, Service and Innovation Pricing
  • Price Strategies
  • Price Differentiation and Positioning
  • Value-based Pricing
  • Behavioral Pricing
  • Target Costing and Target Pricing
  • Determination of Margins and Conditions
  • Transaction Price Analyses

Price optimization has a direct and immediate effect on your margins. A price increase of 1 % can increase your profit by up to 10 %, without any loss of sales volume.

With the aid of customer surveys, 2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING has continuously improved the derivation of price response functions and price elasticity through methodic in-house development. The simulation of migration movement due to price changes is just one of the specialties of the 2HM pricing team.

Brand + Positioning

We measure brand image and strength and assist you with the realignment of your brands, in order to entrench their uniqueness in the minds of your customers.

  • Brand Portfolio Analyses and Strategies
  • Market Analyses (public image, self-image)
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Driver Analyses
  • Brand Stretching (brand + line extensions)
  • Brand Score Cards
  • (Monetary) Brand Valuation

A strong brand positioned through credible and well-conveyed values and successfully differentiated within the intensively competitive markets. Furthermore, it is also a guarantee for strong competitive and price positioning.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING began working on the partially underestimated “brand” success factor at a very early stage, and has developed its own holistic view of brand. We see the brand as a supporting framework for entrepreneurial activities and a primary driver of company value: in short, a brand must earn money.

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