Smart Infrastructure

2HM offers in-depth analysis know-how, software tools and reporting as well as IT systems, so that the data and system infrastructures can be set up, in order to realize customer-centric product offers and processes.

Smart Data Analyses

We ensure that you do not simply gather or extract a lot of data, but rather the right data, upon which success-relevant decisions can be based.

  • Analytical CRM
  • Data Structure and Association Analyses
  • Data-driven Marketing + Sales
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Data-based Business Models

Many companies possess exponentially increasing volumes of data, that offer great potential, but over which they can no longer have any overview. With the right know-how, methods and systems, smart data can be extracted from big data, in order to address issues precisely.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING has its foundations in the statistical analysis of multivariant market research. However, today we know that companies already own a lot of data that is not utilized sufficiently. We are experts in combining “old data” with “new data” for maximum knowledge gain with a low investment in terms of budget. In this regard, we have proven structured data analysis experts and the appropriate software and methods.

Dynamic Reporting

We combine reporting systems that are suitable for management with short-term marketing/sales management impulses, so that customer orientation is not a shot in the dark, but rather an actively managed process.

  • Reporting and Management Platforms
  • Real-time Reporting and Agile Reporting
  • Individual Reports
  • Intelligent, efficient KPI Systems
  • Combined Reporting and Optimization of Measures

With the help of dashboards, managers have an optimal overview of their companies while employees, who are in constant contact with customers, always have updated information on the current status of important business processes and company developments. Every member of the company has access to the necessary information at all times and in all places.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING has many years of experience in the development and filling of various automated, dynamic reporting systems on variable technical platforms.

IT + Digital Solutions

We provide support for you in the digitalization of your business models. We provide you with innovative software solutions on concept and implementation level, so that you can start using the opportunities of digitalization right away.

  • Multichannel Communication
  • Digitalization of Customer-relevant Marketing and Sales
  • Apps and Mobile Solutions
  • Portal and Shop Solutions
  • Social Enterprise Solutions

Automation and digitalization in particular, are significant drivers of effectiveness and efficiency today. IT tools and digital solutions in marketing, sales and after-sales service are significant growth drivers in many classical industries. They are the hidden champions of small and medium-sized enterprises.

2HM RESEARCH + CONSULTING understands the challenges of marketing, sales and after-sales. Together with our affiliate digital communication company, we have developed our own digital solutions. Our knowledge of both new and established solutions enables us to identify and implement the best tools for your company.

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